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KEWI Boosts Trainers Support and Infrastructure Development

 Kenya Water Institute (KEWI), Chief Executive Officer Dr. Leiro Letangule, EBS, has emphasized the critical importance of punctuality and regularity, highlighting the trainers' significance as the backbone of the institution's operations. Dr. Letangule has urged the trainers to prioritize timely and consistent delivery of their roles as essential contributors to KEWI's core mandate.

In a recent address to trainers across all campuses, Dr. Letangule rallied the delivery team, stressing the need for high levels of professionalism in fulfilling the institute's core mandates. He assured his office's readiness to support initiatives aimed at enhancing service delivery and up scaling the trainers' capabilities.

Acknowledging the institute's progress, Dr. Letangule cited the recently conducted training sessions focusing on implementing the Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) Assessment tool as ones which aim at enhancing teaching methodologies and ensure trainers are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver effectively.

He further noted that it was of essence for trainers to adequately prepare themselves to help deliver their mandate and noted that the management was keen to promote career progression for them as a show of commitments towards enhancing their preparedness in delivering their mandate.

“We shall hold a 2 weeks Training of Trainers exercise at the end of this semester to help you all stay ahead of the game when it comes to delivering your mandate.” He announced.

Dr. Letangule stated that there were a range of infrastructural interventions the management was delivering on including the construction of a 12-story building in Nairobi Campus  and the renovation of hostels and the administration block in the Kitui campus. He further noted that plans were progressing well on the possibilities of acquiring a land within Kisumu Town for purposes of relocating the lakeside campus that currently operates on rented premises to more expanded and easily accessible space.

He further informed that the governing council was actively working on the institutes strategic plan to help it align with the anticipated changes and especially now that the transition of KEWI to Kenya Water Training and Research Institute (KEWATRI) is in sight.

Dr. Letangule statements were corroborated by other speakers who noted that there was goodwill from the institute’s leadership towards making the academic affairs department deliver.

Mr. Eric Wamiti, Deputy Director, Academic Affairs noted that the implementation of the CBET Curriculum that focuses on embracing competency-based assessment tools was on track and thanked the management for the interventions it had occasioned as a way of enhancing the delivery of this critical deliverable.

Senior Principal Registrar Mr. Michael Ang’anyo, expressed gratitude for the institution's support for student activities. He highlighted that talks with Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) office were welcome to help address the issue of capitation, especially for students placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS).

Mr. Ang’anyo informed that it was time for the institute to fully benefit from the loans board and government capitation as this would ensure that students remained in the institute since their fee problems would be addressed.

“The issue of capitation by HELB is welcome as it would help retain all the students placed in our institution by KUCCPS. We are anticipating an intake of at least 1700 students from KUCCPS in this coming intake.” He informed.

Dr. Letangule wound up by noting that through strategic planning, infrastructure enhancements, and academic initiatives, KEWI was keen to continues and enhance its focus of producing skilled professionals and contributing to Kenya's water sector.