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Kenya Water and Training Research Institute Bill 2024 Approved by Cabinet for Onward Submission to Parliament

Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) Chief Executive Officer Dr. Leiro Letangule EBS, has hailed the move by the cabinet to give a nod to Kenya Water Training and Research Institute (KEWATRI) Bill-2024 as good news that have emboldened the institute quest to position itself as the primary vehicle for Research and Training.

The bill seeks to certify water practitioners in the water, sanitation and irrigation sector and conducting research, innovation and technological advancement on matters related to water, sanitation and irrigation.

In a communication released by the executive office of the president, the Bill was approved by the cabinet heralding a step closer to transitioning and elevating the institute to a better position in terms of advancing knowledge within the water sector. Once given an assent by the president, the new law will help the institute lead the nation towards sustainable development of the water sector and further help address the needs the Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Sector.

Dr. Letangule is optimistic that the approval is a show of confidence by the executive in the journey of KEWI to be a Centre of Excellence as it seeks to enrich the mandate of its service delivery and further enhance its capacity building for both institutions and individuals in the water sector.

Following the cabinet approval, the parent ministry through the Cabinet Secretary will receive a copy of the Bill and cabinet comments before forwarding the same to the Clerk of the National Assembly.  The Bill then will go through the legislative process in parliament before Assent by the President.