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kisumu workshops

KEWI Kisumu Water Quality laboratory

KEWI Kisumu campus has a fully functioning Water quality laboratory headed by a senior water quality laboratory technologist. The laboratory is well equipped and is used to offer training to students as well as offer water laboratory consultancy services at affordable rates.

Figure: KEWI Kisumu water quality laboratory

Figure:  students conducting experiments in a water quality laboratory


KEWI Kisumu Workshop

Figure: Taps and control valves at KEWI Kisumu workshop


Figure; Staff installing a diesel engine at KEWI Kisumu workshop


Figure: Staff inspecting assorted workshop equipment at KEWI Kisumu workshop


KEWI Kisumu has a fully stocked library with latest editions of text books and computers connected to an internet source to supplement class work, online classes and research work by student


Figure: Trainees attending a GIS training