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KEWI and WILO Sign MoU Seeking to Combat Non-Revenue Water

The Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) and the renowned German multinational technology business WILO East Africa, launched a strategic alliance, marking a historic effort to revolutionize water distribution efficiency in Kenya.

The event, which took place at KEWI’s Nairobi Main Campus, signaled a turning point for the water industry as the two organizations teamed together to tackle pressing water issues and investigate fresh prospects.

This aims to tackle the urgent problem of water loss, which has many parts of the country, endangering the long-term viability of water utilities and resulting in substantial financial losses.

WILO East Africa is a premium supplier for building services, water management and industrial applications. Water loss remains a formidable challenge in Kenya, with many counties grappling with inactive connections exceeding 50 percent.

WILO East Africa has an extensive history of managing water resources, and it brings unmatched knowledge and power to the table when working together. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, KEWI and WILO have committed to working together and utilizing their respective networks, strengths, and resources to achieve common goals.

In addition to jeopardizing the water distribution firms’ capacity to make money, this inefficiency affects communities all around the nation’s ability to get clean water.

Dr. Leiro Letangule EBS, Director/ CEO KEWI, stressed the need to reduce losses brought on by non-revenue water use and energy since he understood how urgent this issue was.

“Most water companies are currently operating at a loss due to the exorbitant costs associated with water distribution, particularly the soaring electricity expenses,” remarked Dr. Letangule.

“Our collaboration with WILO East Africa aims to curb these losses significantly, building upon the success witnessed in Nakuru and extending it nationwide.”

Mr. Nelson Kwamini, KEWI’s  deputy Director Research Consultancy and Technical Services highlighted the relationship with WILO revolutionary potential as a means of addressing this ubiquitous issue.

Similarly, in his remarks at the ceremony, Belete A. Matebe Managing Director, WILO East Africa, expressed optimism about the partnership, highlighting its potential to create lasting impact and drive meaningful change.,

With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, WILO and KEWI embark on a new chapter of collaboration, poised to make a meaningful difference in the world. The signing ceremony concluded with a sense of optimism and anticipation, signaling the beginning of a promising partnership that holds immense potential for driving positive change and shaping a better future for generations to come.