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Dr. Letangule Rallies KEWI Trainers To Help Safeguard the Institutes Credibility

Kenya Water Institute ( K E W I ) CEO Dr. Leiro Letangule has called upon KEWI trainers to ensure that all is done to enhance and safeguard the training credibility of the institute. While addressing a meeting of members of the Academic Affairs Division drawn from all the 4 campuses in Nairobi, Dr. Letangule has hailed the team for its commitment and sacrifices towards making the critical role of disseminating knowledge to students a smooth one. This, he said, is despite some challenges that stood their way threatening to soil the credibility of the examination process within the institute.

“I thank you for the commitments that you have made towards safeguarding the credibility of this institution. We rely on you to enhance this critical role and I call upon you all to continue giving your best to enhance this as we make KEWI a great institution.” He said.

 While noting that the institution had a great role of training, examining and certifying its trainees in the water sector, Dr. Letangule urged the trainers, with the help of his office and that of the deputy director Academic Affairs, to help strongly safeguard the institutes examination process noting that the manner in which the institutes handle its examinations which ultimately lead to certification tells a lot about the capabilities of the institute to offer the best in its core mandate.

He further urged the participants to approach the delivery of lesson contents in a more vibrant manner so as to reflect the changing faces of the industry. This he said would help keep the students updated and abreast with current trends available within their areas of learning and subsequently makes them more relevant once they graduate.

“Let’s approach the training process with a fresh perspective. Let’s keep our training content updated each time we step into lecture rooms so that we can offer the best. Great hallmarks of a great trainer also include personal presentation, timekeeping and mannerisms, fresh content delivery among many others that help entrench credibility in what we offer.” Dr. Letangule implored.

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